Pilates For Wellbeing

Heighten your Body Awareness With Pilates

One of the first introductions for new clients at PFW, is Mike Junior, our resident skeleton.

He is a well-loved member of our team and comes in quite handy during anatomy demonstrations to practitioners and TTP Trainees! Mike Junior reflects one of the most fundamental teachings of Pilates – proprioception or body awareness. Joseph Pilates designed the exercises after a deep study of the human anatomy and till today, this study is a mandate for Classical Pilates teachers everywhere.

Pilates movements help restore balance to the body by improving mobility, stability and flexibility. Proprioception is crucial to channelize these abilities to the optimum level. You may have noticed our instructors engaging in ‘physical partnering’ or directing movements during a session by touch. Touch has proven to be one of the most effective ways to draw one’s attention to the body part the exercise is focused on and helps in understanding verbal cues better.

An increased sense of body awareness is one of the many benefits of regular practice and after only a few sessions, clients are usually able to tell if a certain muscle or joint is out of place. One can see this application outside the Pilates practice too, especially while working in front of the computer, sitting on the bed or even while watching television. In fact, regular practitioners can also help correct the posture of loved ones, especially of young children.

Many new practitioners tell us that they feel the activation of muscles they didn’t know existed. Well, the next time you feel it, you will know exactly what and where it is!