Pilates For Wellbeing

How Pilates Complements Other Sporting Activities

Sporting Activity whatever sport you choose to practice, Pilates can enhance and complement your ability.

Most sporting activities only build muscular strength and stamina, often in specific areas of the body. Pilates in addition to building strength and stamina, can also help to identify any imbalances in muscular development and will enable both your body and your mind to function more efficiently. Pilates is an effective training method which can complement any sport or fitness routine, be it Golf, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis or Athletics.

Pilates builds a foundation of strength, flexibility and control that will help create a balanced body and improve athletic performance. Pilates develops body awareness and focuses on maintaining optimal postural alignment to create healthy movement patterns. It builds a strong core, increases strength and flexibility, improves posture and stability.

Pilates uses integrated whole-body approach to movement which is functional and translates well into all kinds of training activities. Using the Pilates principles of Concentration, Centering, Control, Breathing, Precision and Flow one can integrate their body and mind to produce profound results not only in one’s Pilates practice, but also in other training endeavours as well.