Lessons & Classes

Private Lesson (60 Mins)

A Private Lesson is a one on one session with an Instructor. It is highly recommended that one begins their Pilates practice with a few Private Lessons so as to ensure that the Instructor is able to gauge the client’s capabilities, range of motion, inefficiencies, posture, strength & weakness. In a Private Lesson the Instructor devotes undivided attention to a client’s specific needs and goals. The Instructor also provides develops a customized program utilizing all the Pilates equipment & props to produce optimum results.

Duet Lesson (60 Mins)

A Duet Lesson is a one to two session with an Instructor. It is designed similarly to a Private Lesson but training with a partner, spouse, friend or any one that you may choose to exercise with. Duets work best when you and your partner can commit to the same schedule and have similar physical abilities & goals. It is also a great strategy to work-out with a partner to help motivate each other.

Introductory Group Equipment Class (60 Mins)

An Introductory Group Equipment Class will accept a max of 4 clients. This class is only open to those who are new to Classical Pilates or to those who have had no previous Pilates experience with us. The Introductory class will cover a foundational repertoire of skills and exercises on all of the Classical Equipment’s. This class is taught at a slower pace as there is an emphasis on proper technique and execution throughout the session. The Instructor will focus on fundamentals of Pilates – “Concentration, Control, Centering, Breath, Flow & Precision”. One can expect to leave this class feeling worked out and energized. This is a progressive class and will prepare you for the Intermediate Group Equipment Class.

Intermediate Group Equipment Class (60 Mins)

An Intermediate Group Equipment Class will accept a max of 5 clients. This class is only open to those who have progressed from the Introductory Group Equipment Class or have completed a min of 45 Private Lessons with us. This class involves a series of Classical Pilates exercises from Intro Level to Level III in a set order performed on all of the Classical Pilates Equipment’s. This Class works at a faster tempo and Clients will be challenged with more complicated exercises, greater range of motion with a dynamic flow.

Intermediate Wunda Chair Group Class (60 Mins)

An Intermediate Wunda Chair class will accept a max of 5 clients. This is a fast paced class and is a great choice for our regular Practitioners who want to continue developing strength, coordination and balance. Exercises are done lying, sitting and standing on and around the chair. One can expect a lot of stability and flexibility work on the chair. It is truly a testament to the ingenuity of the Pilates method to see how many exercises can be done on the Pilates chair. It suits any need, from post-rehabilitation to athletic conditioning to small-group training.

One Size Does Not Fit All – At Pilates for Wellbeing we truly acknowledge and realize that Pilates exercises will need to be adapted to purposefully accommodate all physical inconsistencies, proportions of height, weight, male/female, age, special populations etc, hence we strive to make our programs fit each client’s requirement and fitness goals. Our Special Programs include:

  • Pilates for Children & Teens
  • Pre/Post Natal Pilates
  • Pilates for Professional Athletes & Sportspersons
  • Musculoskeletal Disease & Injury Management

Workshop on Introduction to Classical Pilates (120 Mins)

This workshop will accept a max of 12 clients and will focus on introduction and fundamental principles of Classical Pilates – “Concentration, Control, Centering, Breath, Flow & Precision”. The Instructor will focus on introducing skills of Pilates such as – “Breathing, The Pilates Scoop, Pelvic & Ribcage Stability, Spinal Flexion, Spinal Extension, Lateral Flexion & Rotation”.  The group will also be led through the Basic 10 exercises on the Mat. This workshop will highlight benefits of Classical Pilates and why Pilates is an overall fitness program.

Workshop on Stretching with Alignment (120 Mins)

This workshop will accept a max of 12 clients and offers a delicious fully body yawn – Stretching with Alignment. The Instructor will focus on effective ways to stretch and increase your flexibility in a safe, well aligned process allowing you to take your fitness goal to the next level. It will also free your from tension in the different muscle groups either due to lack of exercise, relaxation or over exhaustion. In this 90 mins stretch workshop, you will be guided into lengthening and gently stretching all major muscle groups in a balanced manner. You will also receive tips on movements that you can practice on a daily basis to release tension and reduce chances of injury.

Awaken your Awareness to your Pelvis, Core and Hips (120 Mins)

This workshop includes a gentle, yet effective Pilates practice geared to engage, stabilize and strengthen the Pelvis, Core and Hip regions. Learn if you should be strengthening, stabilizing, stretching or releasing muscles of the Pelvic floor, Core and Hips. You will leave this workshop feeling empowered to energize this area of the body and will take home very useful techniques to continue to build in strength.

In this powerful workshop you will receive:

  • A lesson on your own anatomy
  • Movement & Breathing practices to awaken the awareness of this vital region of your body
  • A series of easy-to-learn exercises based on the Pilates Fundamentals

Who can attend this workshop:

  • Appropriate for women of all ages with any activity level
  • Those experiencing chronic back/hip/pelvic pain
  • Those in their Pre/Post Natal stages of pregnancy
  • Those experiencing urinary incontinence and any other form of pelvic disorder