Meet Anjali

Anjali Ganapathy


Anjali Ganapathy


Fitness was not a path Anjali thought she’d take until she started experimenting with Classical Pilates.

From a 10yr career in strategy and brand marketing, Anjali Ganapathy found new roots as an entrepreneur and chef behind her food and catering brand PigOut, an ode to her Coorg roots. In the midst of balancing a young thriving business, she signed up as a client with Pilates for Wellbeing studio in 2015.

Fast forward, two years Anjali decided to further her passion for the practice and signed on for the Teacher Trainer certification. She explains, “Classical Pilates has changed how I look at fitness, and the human form. It has taught me that it is essential to embrace, enjoy and protect what we are born with. The information and manner in which the practice is taught, gives one awareness and ownership of their physical and mental state, leaving you stronger in both body and mind.”


While she continues to manage her business, teaching and practicing Pilates has become an important ritual she looks forward to. She says, Pilates has brought an intentional sense of calm and balance to her life, (unlike any other form of workout she has incorporated before).

“The transformational abilities of Pilates – from introducing people to their form, to watching them heal and change – is an immensely satisfying aspect of teaching” she concludes.

Through the course and as a trainer, Anjali (feels she has come out on the other side) feeling physically and mentally stronger and more prepared for all that lies ahead. During her spare time, she enjoys travelling with family, friends and spending time with her cats.