Meet Ramya Naren

Ramya Naren


Ramya Naren


Ramya Naren, our Instructor is an MBA graduate. Having spent nearly 14 years as a luxury hospitality sales & marketing professional, it was the recurring introspection & fast paced work life that convinced her that there is more to living than inside a human – hamster wheel. Having been a sales professional for all of her career, Ramya was a natural at connecting with new people & knew that ’people engagement’ had to be at the heart of her passion & purpose.

A chance meeting with Kavita Prakash, who was the Founder of Pilates for Wellbeing, Bangalore & doing a few hours of Pilates convinced Ramya that this is what passion looks & feels like. She was convinced that Pilates not only is a great way to empower herself but also is an ability to empower others around her.

Now, after being inducted into the Pilates for Wellbeing’s TTP (Teachers Training Program), Ramya intends for Pilates Practice she is going to teach to become a mind, body & spirit healer for others as it was for her. In her words ‘I hope everyone finds the courage to live with compassion & faith. Pilates teaches you about your body in a way no other practice does, but you do have to give it everything you have”.


She feels that the teachers training program gives her the confidence to guide clients through the Pilates movements while still keeping the body safe as it is a practice that promotes injury-free methods.

Ramya is an extrovert, loves music & travelling to new countries. She loves Pilates because it makes her feel strong, look good & have the ability to eat more crepes, guiltfree! She likes watching crime detective television shows, dance the nights away on weekends, and loves talking at length about energy and metaphysical science. Her favourite place are where good friends are gathered to laugh, enjoy wine, share stories & find solutions to everyday problems.

‘I do not have a special talent. I am not a gymnast or a soccer player. I do have certain parts of my body that are less strong than the others, similarly, we all have something we can work on and strengthen in each of our bodies. But importantly, I have a sharp mind & a bone or two of resilience. Faith, consistency and the practice of the Pilates movement everyday have empowered me to be in a constant state of ‘becoming’!!