Meet Sandhya Muralidharan

Sandhya Muralidharan


Sandhya Muralidharan


Sandhya Muralidharan, Our Instructor: Her choice to become a fitness instructor was not a planned one, however the efforts to get rid of post-pregnancy weight got her into activities like Jogging, weight training and group exercise classes. Eventually the enthusiasm and an aspiration for movement science and the desire to help others experience the benefits of movement, motivated her to look beyond, and get certified as a fitness trainer by RIA [Reebok Instructors Alliance].

While working with various gyms, she realized that she enjoyed taking classes and that made her seek more opportunities to gain knowledge in various exercise forms. As she started attending small workshops happening in the fitness industry, she came across the method of Pilates. The first time she got the taste of some Pilates exercises, she felt it was right for her body. After a few years of working as a group instructor she decided to focus more on Pilates and joined a standalone contemporary Pilates studio in Delhi. Two years of teaching and training there helped her to learn more about the method. She decided to move her base to Bangalore where she started working as a freelance instructor. Though she was very keen on undergoing a more comprehensive program, it wasn’t available in India until few months ago. In April 2017 when Pilates for Wellbeing, Bangalore launched the first TPC certification in Classical Pilates, and she did not hesitate to grab the opportunity.


Now, few months into the program, she believes that all her past experiences in this field were actually preparing her for this moment. As a practitioner, she believes this method targets all the aspects of fitness and unlike other exercise forms its focus on addressing the strength, mobility, stability and flexibility of the spine makes it so relevant and applicable in today’s 21st century styled life. As a teacher, she feels ready more than ever to teach others, because the Classical Pilates Method provides her with the right tools to help individuals to attain their highest movement potential without further injury to their bodies.

As a dedicated practitioner and committed Pilates teacher, she also believes that to get healthier and stronger we must never abuse the body. If we treat it with respect, it will reward you by collaborating with you in leaving your pains behind as you make your body more healthy, more mobile, and more strong despite any previous injuries. Through Classical Pilates, Sandhya learned and wants others to experience the freedom that comes with practicing seamless exercise movements in a beautiful, intricate flow leading to an all natural and balanced development of the body.