Catherine Berthelot

I am French, 45 years old and I have been practicing Pilates with Kavita for almost 2 years now in Dubai. I really enjoy Kavita’s sessions. She is passionate and strongly committed to provide the best result to each student. Her classes are very intense and comprise small groups so that she can give more attention and correct your movements. She always shows us the perfect movement and exercise before we actually do it ourselves. Sometimes she even shows you what not to do so we  understand the movements better.  She finds innovative ways to keep us focused by using different movements. I have been a sportsperson for many years but it’s the first time that someone corrected my general posture and walking. I feel lucky I met Kavita because she is genuinely devoted to her clients. In 2 years my body shape changed, especially my posture. I feel good in my body and my head. No more back or neck pain or sciatica.