Neela Bopaiah

In 2013 I started my Pilates journey with Kavita. Having done yoga before I was skeptical of this form of exercise. Kavita’s passion for fitness and her regimen is extremely inspiring. Kavita is a through professional when it comes to being an instructor. Her knowledge on human anatomy, health & fitness, healthy eating habits makes learning with her a complete experience. She is a stickler for perfection and ensures her subjects benefit from every session they take. Her instructions are clear and she guides and educates and ensure that the fitness journey is a great experience. Kavita equips her clients with mental toughness to push themselves to reach their goals and even exceed them. Her group classes on stretching is amazing.Kavita’s personal strengths as a mature and highly motivated individual as well as her professional and extensive fitness knowledge have all contributed to my own personal fitness successes. Her contagious passion for fitness has encouraged me as an individual to want to exceed my own fitness goals and more than anything love and believe in Pilates .  I would highly recommend anyone looking to achieve fitness goals have a personal training session with Kavita.